Location or online or internet map services can be used to get directions or search for businesses in a given location. Maps is one of the most frequently used online searches.

  1. To find a location on Maps: Type the address in the search field at the top of the page and click on Search Maps or press Enter or Return on your keyboard. Once your search is processed, a new page will open with your location added as a place marker. 

  2. Use the controls on the left side of the map to change the zoom or pan around the map. Click on the place marker to get more options. 

  3. When you click on a business, you will see the full address and phone number of the business (click on Send to phone if you want the phone number to be sent to your cell phone for future reference). 

  4. You can click on To here or From here to get directions, or on Search nearby to enter a type of business you want to search for in the area around that location. Click on the X on the upper right to close the marker window. 

  5. There are two other views you can choose in Maps by clicking on one of the view buttons near the upper right corner of the map.

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