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Social Media Integration Services: Go beyond your website and engage your audience with social media marketing. Our social media experts can help you identify where and how to get started building your presence on social media websites today. Blogs, social networking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), online video (YouTube), photo sharing (Flickr),  all allow businesses to communicate and share information directly with potential and existing customers. With the growing rate at which internet users are embracing social media, it is vital to explore social media marketing options for your journal publishing website. Driven by word-of-mouth, social media marketing focuses on content creation that attracts attention and encourages readers to share with their social network. With the right strategy, you can reach key influencers and connect with your potential customers

Small businesses have a lot to gain by integrating social media websites into their general Web presence. Not only do social media sites like Facebook and Twitter serve as general hangouts, but they also provide opportunities to spread your message as a business, to connect with your target audience better and to get to know your fellow small business owners more personally. Because social media has no hours of business, you can interact and connect at any time from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Connecting With Consumers

Combining your business with various social networking sites gives you the ability to connect with your consumers directly. It's about more than being able to communicate news and updates directly to your fan base in an instant; if there's an issue, you'll be able to fix problems personally and as quickly as possible. It also gives your consumers a way to talk to each other. By being connected to your consumers and clients, you'll have a better understanding of what they like and don't like about your business -- giving you the opportunity to make informed changes to your products and services faster than ever.


When you begin networking on social websites, you'll start encountering other business owners and people in your niche. This gives you the opportunity to discuss current issues in your market, as well as affiliate with similar businesses. You can share ad space, promote each other on your social websites and swap leads for work and ideas for further expanding your reach with the market.


Expanding your business via social media isn't only about self-promotion, but about creating word of mouth on a digital scale. When you have one satisfied customer who talks about your product or services, it generates interest that can lead to more business. While this isn't the kind of return you're likely to see when you first integrate social media into your business, over time -- as your reach and your clientele grows -- your social influence is likely to help.

Inexpensive Advertising

While social media cannot replace traditional advertising in your marketing plan, using social media websites to market your products and website helps expand your reach without increasing your cost. The most popular social networking sites offer free accounts, and do not require any expertise outside of good written communication skills.

Expanded Reach

A small business can only reach so far, especially if, as the owner, you're the only employee. When you've got to do everything, trying to expand your business can fall by the wayside. The beauty of social networking is that it's built to be shared. When you post something to your blog and share it on Twitter, it goes to every single follower. Of the followers who see that, a couple of them might share it with their followers. When that message is scattered across several different networking websites -- such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn -- it has the potential to reach consumers who would have otherwise never heard of your business.

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